Robin Wise holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from Kent State University. She taught music and conducted award winning ensembles for 18 years.

Eager to expand into new ways of working with sound, she pursued a career as a audio engineer. In 1992 she joined SoundPrint and in 1995 became the audio engineer for this series. While at SoundPrint, Robin was one of the first trainers for radio producers making the transition from analog to digital technology.

In 1997 Robin moved to Northern California and began working as an independent audio engineer establishing her studio, Sound Imagery. Since then Robin has mixed over 500 radio and multi-media productions, performed post-production on dozens of audio books for Simon & Schuster Audio, instituted and taught digital audio technology for 6 years at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, and has taught and consulted with countless independents. Robin has also taught digital audio for The United Nations, AARP, Marketplace.  She travels whenever possible to record sound on this planet.

Currently, Robin serves as Technical Director and Mix Engineer for Burn: An Energy Journal and the upcoming series The Really Big Questions produced by SoundVision Productions® in Berkeley, CA.

Now living in Portland, Oregon, Robin continues her work with audio, is devoted to protecting honey bees, and embraces the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Almost There 2

Robin Wise rocks. She’s a pleasure to work with, but her critical, sensitive ear, and passion for technical excellence in the service of audio storytelling, make each experience rich and rewarding. My production company has worked with Robin for years. I give her the warmest, most absolute, most enthusiastic recommendation possible. Work with Robin; you won’t be disappointed.

–Sandy Tolan, Homelands Productions

The Olive Oil Season” 7:00 by Homelands for NPR: Hidden Kitchens (mix: Robin Wise)


Robin and I have worked joyfully together as editor and engineer on a number of award-winning national series. Her amazing sensitivity in working with dozens of top notch producers never ceases to astound me. I hired Robin to coach me through the editing and assembly of my first full-length doc in Pro Tools. She will always be the engineer for my pieces because of her finely-tuned musical ear. I can count on her lively, intelligent contributions. Robin makes my stories sing.

–Catherine Stifter, Saving the Sierras: Voices of Conservation

Grassroots Solutions for Sustaining Rural Communities” by Saving The Sierras 52:00 (mix: Robin Wise)


My best radio work has been done with Robin. She’s a master of exquisite field recording, perfect ambient beds and finding the exact right piece of music. She is meticulous, hard working and, most importantly, a wonderful collaborator. Its great to sit next to her in a mix, knowing she gets the mood and tempo of what I’m trying to convey; but I can also just hand over a piece and be confident it will come back beautiful.

–Loretta Williams, SoundVision Productions

Beyond Human” 54:00 from NPR: The DNA Files by SoundVision (mix: Robin Wise)


There is an art and craft to those dancing volume levels, to choreographing intertwined tracks of audio synchronicity. Being a former NPR Engineer, I thought myself a pretty good mixer… until I saw Robin work. She’s faster and better than me. She fixes problems I don’t even know exist, until I hear her fix. As a teacher, trainer or technical director, there is no project she will not improve.

–Barrett Golding, Hearing Voices

All Happy Families” 52:00 by Hearing Voices from NPR (mix: Robin Wise)